NPR faces another lawsuit from aggressive copyright protector

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A law firm with a history of filing many copyright-infringement lawsuits targeted NPR again in a suit filed Monday.

The most recent suit claims that NPR violated the copyright of VSL Dokumentikos Namai, a Lithuanian media company, by using photos in a December 2016 website article, “A Mummy’s DNA May Help Solve The Mystery Of The Origins Of Smallpox,” without permission.

Liebowitz Law Firm has represented clients in two other cases against NPR. One was settled, and the other was voluntarily dismissed.

Liebowitz has filed more than 500 copyright suits since January 2016, according to a Bloomberg BNA article. It has represented VSL Dokumentikos Namai in copyright suits against other media companies, including the New York Times in a case that was settled.

2 thoughts on “NPR faces another lawsuit from aggressive copyright protector

  1. As a photographer that has had my copyrighted images used without permission on dozens of occasions – and that is just for one image, I’m happy to see that someone is out there trying to protect the rights of photographers. There is too much talk of “it’s great exposure,” the only problem is, you cannot pay the bill or buy gas with “exposure.” If someone stole from you, wouldn’t you want them to pay?

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