NPR adds hosts to newsmags

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NPR is expanding its newsmagazine host lineup with the addition of Ailsa Chang and Noel King, the network announced Thursday.

Chang joins All Things Considered following the retirement of Robert Siegel, and King joins Morning Edition. Each show will now feature four hosts.

“The expanded host lineup will strengthen both shows by allowing them to take on more ambitious projects both in the U.S and overseas,” said Chris Turpin, acting SVP for news, in a press release.

Chang has worked as a correspondent for NPR’s podcast and radio show Planet Money and previously worked as a congressional correspondent for the network. She began her career in public radio in 2008 as a Kroc Fellow after working as a lawyer. She worked as an investigative reporter at WNYC in New York City from 2009 to 2012.

King has also been reporting for Planet Money. She joined NPR in 2016 after working as a senior reporter for Marketplace and as a fill-in host for Marketplace Morning Report. She previously worked as a Cairo correspondent for PRI’s The World, the CBC, and the BBC and was on the team that launched The Takeaway.

Chang and King will continue to contribute enterprise reporting to Planet Money.

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