KCRW’s ‘To the Point’ will end broadcast run

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KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif., will end its weekday talk show To the Point Nov. 10 and turn the program into a weekly podcast.

Hosted by Warren Olney, the show is now distributed by Public Radio International and airs on 66 stations, mostly in afternoons.

“After 25 years in commercial TV news and 25 years in public radio, I’m getting a rare opportunity for another phase in my career,” Olney said in a press release.

“Without the tyranny of the radio clock, I’ll have time to explore issues that underlie the 24-7 onslaught of daily information,” he added. “I think listeners will be glad to hear probing conversations about those issues without artificial limits.”

KCRW is not ready to announce plans for replacing To the Point on its schedule, said President Jennifer Ferro. The station airs the show at 1 p.m.

Beginning in October, Olney will host a live events series in Los Angeles through a partnership with Zocalo Public Square.

5 thoughts on “KCRW’s ‘To the Point’ will end broadcast run

  1. That’s it for me. NPR has been going down the tubes for a while now. Heading for FOX territory…
    ( there goes the neighborhood ? ) really? Time to load up the kindle.

    • “To the Point” wasn’t an NPR show, it was a PRI show.The program can’t pay for itself airing on only 66 stations. Public broadcasting has to be run like a business.

      And please explain why public radio is heading into Fox territory, since a whole group of right-wingers have appeared on another Current comment section to make the “liberal bias” complaints. What do you want public radio to sound like?

      • PRI , of course , how silly of me, yes a business, how naïve of me. Hence the Koch underwriting. I’m not a big kpfc fan either. I do enjoy Chris T on Prairie home companion . Another PRI show . Not that again ? Weekend edition sounds really contrived these days. I used to work the phones at KNAU during the pledge drives. Those were the days. Oh well. Good luck brother.

        • And here we go again with the Koch underwriting. Despite one of the Kochs on the board of a major public radio-TV organization in Boston and the underwriting of some PBS programs, including the documentaries of that well-known right-winger Ken Burns (), neither the Kochs nor any of their companies are listed in NPR’s 2016 annual report as an underwriter (or, for that matter, on the most recent PRI annual report for 2013). A Koch company is listed on the 2016 annual report of American Public Media (the distributor of “Prairie Home Companion” for the last 15 years–don’t you pay attention?), but only as an underwriter for the Minnesota Public Radio division. Even so, in the end they are just one of many contributors and there is a definite firewall at public radio between program producers and contributors where they cannot influence programming.

          Oh yes–you never responded my request to explain why public radio is heading into Fox territory while right-wingers are still screaming “liberal bias.” And please explain to us why “Weekend Edition” is “contrived.” And if you’re such a great intellectual, could you please use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation and usage instead of writing as an illiterate?

          • See that’s what I mean. Those Fox people like to call people names too. High school diploma brother, making 100 K fixing elevators for 30 years .. living in silver lake. “There goes the neighborhood.” Have you heard that one yet ? Born in manhattan . Can’t live there anymore not complaining, and not calling people illiterate…

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