NEH grants include funds to preserve ‘All Things Considered’

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Support for preserving early recordings of All Things Considered is among funding announced Wednesday by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

NPR receives $315,000 for the project, which will also provide listeners with access to ATC content from 1971–83. Directing the initiative is Laura Soto-Barra, chief of research, archives and data strategy.

Public Radio International receives two grants: $300,000 for Studio 360’s “American Icons” series and $180,000 for The World in Words, a podcast about language.

The University of Virginia receives $100,000 for the podcast and former radio show BackStory with the American History Guys and $180,000 for Voices of Vietnam, a public radio series about the war.

Other public media awards include $200,000 to the Center for Asian American Media for community engagement and outreach around its documentary The Chinese Exclusion Act.

In total, NEH will distribute $21.7 million for 208 projects. Read the entire list.

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