CPB seeks consultant for African-American public radio stations

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CPB is looking for a consultant to help public radio’s African-American stations improve audience service, become more sustainable and find ways to work together.

In a request for proposals, CPB said that the consultant it chooses will facilitate a meeting with up to 23 of the system’s stations serving primarily African-American audiences. According to the RFP, the meeting will aim to:

  • identify shared goals and ideas;
  • explore ways to better identify and meet the needs of their audiences and communities and as a consequence their sustainability;
  • identify ways they might work collaboratively to improve operational efficiencies;
  • develop specific strategies each station may implement to meet these goals; and
  • obtain information that will inform future CPB support to the stations.

The meeting will take place by Sept. 29, according to the RFP.

CPB has also been reviewing its relationship with the National Minority Consortia, which produce programming for public TV. A recent consultants’ report pointed to “issues of contract enforcement and compliance, leaving insufficient room for dialogue about mission and goals” as a hurdle to a stronger relationship between CPB and the consortia.

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