13 thoughts on “Subject of ‘Kind Hearted Woman’ public TV documentary dies at 38

  1. I am doing a research paper on all that Robin Poor Bear experienced and accomplished during her life. I cannot understand why there is nothing concerning how she died. Was it a result of all the abuse to her body from her early years of alcohol abuse, or what has been suspected that there was foul play. Suicide? What and why all the secrecy? Does it have something to do with the Indian nation? It would be nice just to know the truth. Thank you.

    • Right or did the family who had ties and Strong armed the way for this child predator murder her? They had enough reason to and she probably didn’t back down.

  2. I agree Joseph. I was just wondering what happened to her and was SHOCKED to find she died!!! I absolutely loved the documentary and fell in love with Robin Poor Bear. She was so brave, real and honest. I, too, would like to know how she passed so young! This has saddened my heart today.

  3. I had the same questions, plus others. I finally found a brief mention in an article that said she died of a gunshot, apparently self-inflicted. No other details. I also am confused because the obituary says she is survived by her boyfriend, there is no mention of the man she married during the filming. And the very long list of survivors include the same family members and ex-in-laws who made her life such he’ll. Why? She was a shining light, and I mourn her passing.

    • Will we ever know what actually happened? This haunts me for some reason. It just doesn’t make sense. The suicide and the absences of the husband.

  4. Something is just not right here. She would never do that to herself leaving her kids, watching the documentary made that clear. Something is definitely wrong.

    • I completely concur and think that the Indian Nation was behind part of her demise. I am part Indian and believe I can say this without sounding racist at any level. People are people and the control they have on the reservations is wrong at some levels.

  5. I just watched the documentary and it was a blow to read that she passed. If in fact she completed suicide I pray she found peace finally. I also pray that her children have blossomed and learning to heal from all that they have faced. I could never second guess her life ending choice. That cloud that hovers over you when there seems no end in sight to the suffering and struggle, the mind keeps you in a tunnel. She loved her babies.

    • As a psychotherapist who focuses on PTSD and suicide, I too was surprised at the ending and do not believe it was a case of successful suicide but again those are my thoughts?

  6. I have so much respect for Robin. I wanted to see if there’s anyore developments. I hope she got the support she needed. What an awesome documentary. Love you Robin. So sorry about your father turning his back on you. God Bless You. Be strong kids. Your mother was courageous. Sincerely Marcia

  7. I just wish her children comfort and lots of love which their mom fought to teach them they deserve. It was a difficult time but persevere and ask yourself, ‘would mom be proud of me?’ I say yes because she work diligently to give you happy memories and strength to keep going forward positively no matter what barrier needs to be overcome. Be well, many people want you to suceed.

  8. This is a hard blow. While watching the documentary, I was so moved by the rawness of what she shared. The documentary opened with the smudging and prayer for strength to make things right. That was impactful.
    You see what she endures and what her children endured and you find yourself praying for them all.
    There is no reference to Darin. I hate speculation, but he was not convincing as one who could rise above his own conflict and not slip. Her need to be loved was great. I hope he was not the cause.
    Speculation is useless. I will never believe that she would have achieved suicide. May her name be a blessing for us all. Rest well. I pray your journey back to the Creator was filled with peace and grace.

  9. Robin was so careful to help her children find a way to voice all of the confusing emotions they were feeling. She let them know that loving their father was still ok. Missing him was still ok. I believe she would never have put her children through the heartbreak of suicide.

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