Google, staffers fail Clinton in 2010 bid to find NPR station

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(Credit: Brent Danley)

In the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails released to the public, we learn about a particularly trying incident: a drive on Long Island during which the former Secretary of State couldn’t find an NPR station.


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In an Aug. 20, 2010 email, Clinton asked three of her staff members to help her find the nearest NPR station.

She’d been listening to WNYC before she lost its signal halfway down the island, according to the email.  “…Can’t figure out from Google what the next stations are,” Clinton wrote.

She sent the email to her staff at 3:45 p.m. and waited.

The next day, more than 24 hours later, she even sent a follow-up. “Did any of you get this?”

As NPR pointed out, WPPB was the station she should have been looking for. Or…


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4 thoughts on “Google, staffers fail Clinton in 2010 bid to find NPR station

  1. Look, the lady wanted to listen to WNYC – not NPR One or WSHU or Howard Stern. Was her phone too full of emails? Or had we not yet built the WNYC App?

    • Jim: The WNYC app made its debut in 2012, I think — two years after the secretary’s plea. And the NPR One app appeared two years after that. But I believe there already was a “Find Nearest” function under the big “Station” button on the original NPR News app by 2010, if memory serves. If only HRC had emailed us.

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