One thought on “WNYC adds v.p. positions, makes other management tweaks

  1. Why has public radio become so top heavy. When I first arrived at WNYC, in 1989, we were a city agency with a Head of Membership, a Program Director, a publicity manager and a maintenance manager. By the time I left, in 1995, WNYC was about to be sold to the Foundation, we have two program directors (AM & FM), a news director, a VP of Development, a VP of Programming and several floors worth of added “executives”. In the olds days, the PD assigned the work, the producer/host created it, it aired. We did not have to “develop” our public radio to maximize audience and funding. We just made great radio. I dare say, we made much more interesting radio than what has come out this corpoartized public radio station.

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