3 thoughts on “PubTV stations move to pitch sustainer gifts during pledge

  1. Huh? My PBS affiliate KQED has been saying the phrase “Sustainable Member” for years and they place it on Retirement advice specials and Health Specials. I know that lots of NPR News/Talk affiliates like KXJZ and KALW say that during Local Talk shows.

  2. WETA needs to work on its pledge arithmetic. On Sunday night, in pledging during Midsomer Murders, they kept throwing up a slide asking for a $500 contribution, with a subhed saying that is “Just $25 a month”.

    • True and also some PBS affiliates tend to do pledge drives every weekend and they always seem to land on “Doo Wop Specials”, Financial Specials and Health Specials. In able for the PBS affiliates to stay in business they would have to cut the sub-channel networks that are not doing well. and in some cases the secondary PBS stations would have to be cut.

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