NPR Underwriting Credit Guidelines, 2012

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Retrieved from Nov. 25, 2012

Underwriting credits acknowledge organizations which fund public radio programming. Federal law mandates this identification and further allows for the non promotional description of the sponsors products and services. The following guidelines assist NPR and its underwriters in developing credit language that complies with FCC and IRS regulations for non-commercial broadcasters.NPR underwriting credits must contain:

The legal name of the underwriter, to be read immediately after the standard opening phrase, “Support for NPR comes from NPR member stations and…

Credits may also include the following:

Non-promotional, value-neutral, descriptions of organization, products and services.

Names of operating divisions and subsidiaries.

Organization mission language that identifies and does not promote or state an opinion.

Establish slogans (verbatim) that identify and do not promote.

Non-promotional location information (e.g., phone number, website address).

Duration of time and business.

Mention of particular NPR programming supported.

Credits may not contain promotional language, including:

Qualitative language (favorable qualities, benefits and claims).

Calls to action.

Comparative language (e.g., “leader,” “largest,” “the only,” “exclusively,” “ranked number one”).

Price and value information.

Inducement language (e.g., rewards programs, warrantees, portions of purchase donated to charity, vehicle donation programs, holiday mentions related to sales of products).

Language that expresses a view about a matter of public importance or interest.

Awards, favorable reviews, endorsements, testimonials.

Health claims.

Credit instructions:

Underwriting copy length is 10 seconds maximum (not including standard opening phrase).

Copy may be faxed or emailed to your NPR representative.

Written copy is due three weeks before air date (no pre-produced tapes).

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