One thought on “Alabama firings expose rift over public TV’s mission, editorial standards

  1. This all comes down to whether the Public Television stations managers and executives can determine the content of the programming, for all its citizens or the commissioners determine what the content of the programming is for one segment of the population. The fact that this group of commissioners gave notice that they wanted the “Wallbuilders” dvds played on the AETV stations, that the rewrite of the mission statement was foisted on the people without notice or public hearing, that creationist claptrap was supposed to start being broadcast shows a clear lack of understanding of Public Television’s mission and programming. 

    I abhor the meddlesome and often vitriolic language used by the far right to foster their viewpoint of exactly who and what this nation is all about. We are a nation of diverse and often at odds people working out the ways we interact with each other through the lens of our own standards. Yet the Christian right demands that America be a nation that it is not. We are not a Christian nation neither will we ever be unless we disband the Republic and rejoin a loose confederation of states based on a balkanized model which will shatter the Grand Experiment that once was the United States of America. 

    David Barton is a notorious liar and uses his bully pulpit for spreading lies regarding the religious backgrounds of the founding fathers of this nation. To him Thomas Jefferson didn’t write his own bible without the miracles included, Benjamin Franklin was a full fledged evangelical Christian, Thomas Paine was a church going man who wrote Common Sense not for comparison between religious and secular man’s thought processes but he wrote it so that everyone would know what not to believe. And on and on, regarding every person who was involved in the formation of, the revolution against the crown and the nascent nation that came to be because Americans fought and died for freedom of religion, i.e. specifically to worship whatever way the government instructed the people of this nation to worship. 

    We are now gone over the edge with this kind of immoral and unethical actions based on lies and dissimulation. We have made of a secular nation one which never existed. We the people do not matter anymore we count only as “people who do what the Christian government tells us to.” 

    Hyperbole yes! Reality Yes. 

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