WUCF Content Collaborative

The Content Collaborative led by WUCF is a strategic partnership initiative among arts and news organizations in Central Florida to develop and distribute content with limited resources and staff. The Collaborative leverages world-class content created by community partners with WUCF’s production expertise to provide new on-air programming for public media audiences.

City Limits: Winds of Change

City Limits: Winds of Change examines the harmful impacts of structural racism on society and the social and cultural movements focused on economic, political, and social equity. Following City Limits, a Poverty Project; Winds of Change explores systemic racism, unconscious bias, police reform, and anti-racism efforts in Syracuse. City Limits features the voices of the people who are working to hold organizations accountable for change.

Coronavirus, Briefly: Boston Coronavirus News in 3 Minutes

Debuting on March 30, 2020, WBUR’s “Coronavirus, Briefly” provides Greater Boston audiences with a short audio update – a microcast – of the most important local coronavirus headlines every weekday evening via RSS, smart speaker, at wbur.org, and wherever you get your podcasts. It’s your chance to catch up on the day’s coronavirus news and stay informed, in just a few minutes.

Emergency News Team

Fearing an information gap in North Carolina’s underserved communities facing an unprecedented pandemic, Carolina Public Press (CPP) launched the Emergency News Team (ENT) immediately after COVID-19 struck the state. The initiative was a collaborative, multifaceted, multilingual program to help all North Carolinians — especially underserved rural residents — access reliable and timely COVID-19 news and information.

WDET Book Club

WDET listeners read a book together and the station leads a community discussion about the challenging societal issues we all face. The selected book sets up these conversations and this year we are reading and discussing Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Matter News

Matter is a local news nonprofit with a digital, community-informed model that inspires civic engagement by investigating the most pressing issues in central Ohio. Rather than scratching the surface of many issues, Matter contextualizes the news for its donors and audience by diving deep into specific topics of local importance for extended periods of time, filling gaps in coverage with explainers, animations, podcasts, mini documentaries and interactive maps.

Voices of New York

The vastness and diversity of New York City means many residents are unaware of the worlds existing next door, around the block, behind the sign in a foreign tongue. In a bid to bring the city closer together and recognize the great journalism going on in every corner of the city, City Limits’ Voices of New York project translates news from Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Nepalese, Japanese, Russian, Bengali and other languages into English. This amplifies some of the smallest, more vital media voices in our city,

Police Reimagined: The Future of Public Safety (A Community Conversation Series)

The Memorial Day death of George Floyd at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin set off protest around the globe. “Police Reimagined: The Future of Public Safety” is a four-part community conversation series that attempts the to answer the question: Can you reduce funding for police, and limit their role in communities, while ensuring public safety for all communities?

Hidden in Plain Sight

WSHU Public Radio collaborates with undergraduate journalism students to craft local interest stories for on-air broadcast. This initiative offers a replicable framework for radio stations to partner with colleges or universities in a win/win partnership that promotes much needed local news and bolsters community pride showcasing hyper-local stories while giving students experiential learning opportunities and exposing them to the professional journalism process.

News for All

News for All ensures underserved and vulnerable populations have access to news and information in their languages, to connect them with the community at large, keep them up to date regarding critical resources available during the COVID-19 pandemic and envelope them in the democratic process.

Student Reporting Labs Homegrown Fellowship

PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs supports high school journalists in the DC/Maryland/Virginia Metro Area through our Homegrown Fellowship. Over six months, students received professional training from video journalists, and by producing broadcast-worthy video news segments, students acquired and honed skills in writing, video production and editing.

Board Explorer

The Pittsburgh region is run in large part by more than 500 unelected board members of authorities, commissions and other governmental agencies who often decide what does and doesn’t get built, who gets contracts and grants, what rates and fees we pay and more. This project sheds light on these panels and their roles, providing information about each member and inviting analysis of this important part of the region’s power structure.

Democracy & Me

Democracy & Me is an Educational Outreach program developed and managed by Cincinnati Public Radio (dba WVXU). The program was launched in 2015 with the goal of helping schools teach students about our government, their responsibilities as citizens and the importance of journalism in our democracy.

Spotlight PA’s Story-Sharing Platform

Spotlight PA is a collaborative project that enhances the local journalism ecosystem and strengthens our democracy by enabling Pennsylvanians in all corners to have access to high-quality, public-interest journalism about statehouse and statewide issues. Its innovative partnership model – now the largest of its kind in the U.S. – and bespoke collaborative story sharing platform and Content Management System are replicable for newsrooms across the country.

The ARTery 25: Millennials of Color Impacting Boston Arts and Culture

“The ARTery 25: Millennials of Color Impacting Boston Arts and Culture” is a week-long series that engaged the Boston region’s artists, arts organization and arts audiences, pairing multimedia editorial content with live programming to reach more than 400,000 people in its celebration of creative equity.

The Nevada Independent Coronavirus Data Project

Since the pandemic hit Nevada, we have aimed to provide the most comprehensive COVID-19 data, infographics and informed context in the state. As the only major paywall-free news site in Nevada (excluding radio and television sites), all of our in-depth coronavirus reporting is accessible to all Nevadans regardless of ability to pay.


In our rural peninsula sticking out into the North Atlantic Ocean, creative activity has long played a key role – the quality of light in Cape Cod inspired visual artists, the accepting environment welcomed all and the intersection of sea and land created a haven for the creative mind. Today, this economic sector is overshadowed by tourism, real estate and a schism between seasonal wealth and year round survival. ArtsLight was created by our small community nonprofit station to “shine a light” on an under-reported area and, by shining that light, also cultivate a shared understanding of a creative economy that delivers far more than a visitor attraction.

Side Effects & WFYI partnership with The Indianapolis Recorder

In 2018, WFYI embarked on a content and community engagement collaboration with The Indianapolis Recorder, the newspaper that serves the African American community in our metropolitan area. The partnership has significantly expanded in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Daily Dose podcast

Launched in March 2020 as the coronavirus threat began to surge, “The Daily Dose” podcast serves as a twelve-minute evening roundup of WYPR’s latest local and state reporting on Maryland’s COVID-19 response, as well as a forum for community members who want to share their stories about everyday life during the pandemic. This daily podcast fosters greater knowledge, connection and understanding for Marylanders navigating the ongoing public health crisis.

North Carolina Watchdog Reporting Network

The NC Watchdog Reporting Network is a cooperative effort of investigative journalists representing seven news organizations across North Carolina. Participants include Carolina Public Press (CPP), the Charlotte Observer, the News and Observer, WBTV, WECT, WRAL and WUNC.