“By Every Measure”

“By Every Measure” is an episodic podcast exploring systemic racism, locally. The series examines Milwaukee’s racial inequities through the lenses of data, policy, storytelling and problem-solving.

“45 Days” and now “State Street” Podcast

KUER’s politics and government podcast and engagement initiatives provide a fun and accessible way to understand how bills become laws at the Utah Legislature and what they mean for the average person.


MISSING THEM is a collaborative journalism and community project to identify every New Yorker who died due to COVID-19 and write a story about them. The goal: to bring equity and inclusion in memorials.


News414 is a resident-centered project that uses text messages, social media and events to engage underserved audiences. We plug information and accountability gaps in highly segregated Milwaukee.

The Hidden Pandemic

The Hidden Pandemic, from Kansas City PBS, was multi-platform, community engagement project chronicling the hidden pandemic of mental illness during this unprecedented COVID year.

Granite State News Collaborative

We have created an infrastructure and communication system that allows more than 20 media, educational and community organizations to share and co-produce news for a statewide audiences.

New Jersey Sustainability Reporting Project

The New Jersey Sustainability Reporting project is a statewide news collaborative spearheaded by CivicStory. It generates local news stories about sustainability issues and actions required to resolve the climate crisis. Through 6-month fellowships, early to mid-career journalists report for diverse New Jersey newsrooms and help citizens shift from day-to-day thinking to longer-term consideration of the needs, health, and wellbeing of future generations.


Resettled is a six-part podcast series that explores the complex resettlement process through the perspectives of refugees. The podcast team included two former journalists from Afghanistan and a poet and social entrepreneur from Iraq who had experienced resettlement themselves and offered valuable insight. Working with local nonprofits, VPM held a series of storytelling workshops in the community and recorded at booths during international festivals around the state.

Justice Deferred

Kansas City PBS creates “Zoom juries” as a novel approach to engaging citizens on critical pandemic related issues. In ‘Justice Deferred’ we partnered with area courts to examine what it will take to restart criminal jury trials suspended since stay-at-home orders went into effect in March.

Sahan Journal

Sahan Journal, an independent, nonprofit news site in partnership with MPR News, serves the immigrant and refugee populations of Minnesota with professional journalism centered on immigrant lives, voices, and experiences. It has been publishing essential pandemic coverage in Hmong, Somali, and Spanish, in order to be accessible to the three largest immigrant groups in the state.

Michigan News Group Internship

WCMU is re-imagining local journalism by creating partnerships with rural newspapers to produce content and at the same time train J students in broadcast, print and internet story telling. We are harnessing the reach of a public radio network and the local strength of community newspapers to provide an outstanding product, remind news consumers about the value of local news, and give small papers much-needed boots on the ground during a time when contractions in the industry are threatening their existence.

How KPCC-LAist Embraced Its Role As L.A.’s Help Desk

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the KPCC-LAist newsroom has invited questions from its audience. Nearly 4,000 people have written in and in answering the questions, we have found new sources, new stories and new audiences, and more than half of the participants have opted into newsletters.

The TIF Illumination Project

Tax Increment Financing districts (TIFs) divert billions of public property tax dollars from local units of government across the USA annually. This is a secretive and corrupt process that sends public dollars to private developers with virtually no grassroots input or evaluation. This is a national story with unlimited local news hooks. It is part of a larger conversation on local economic development, economic and racial justice, government accountability and crass corruption (or, as we say, in Chicago, “pay to play” politics), and it offers rich opportunities for civic engagement, journalism and and volunteer-driven research.

New Orleans Public Radio Newsletter

The New Orleans Public Radio newsletter is a guide to being an informed, engaged and happy citizen of New Orleans. It speaks to the reader like a friend, offering the latest news, things to do, the weather report, chances to engage directly with reporters and a reminder that our work is made possible by their support.

Community Conversation Series

We gathered a diverse group of West Virginians to discuss their information needs, how the community can be involved in the growth of our startup newsroom and what gaps exist in the media ecosystem that Mountain State Spotlight can fill. We held two conversations through Zoom with 21 participants from all over the state with different political leanings and different life experiences so that we can build a newsroom to serve all West Virginians.

Bloomfield Information Project’s news harvests

The news harvest is a technology-assisted workflow we’ve developed to produce a daily local newsletter in communities that are media deserts. It allows people to launch useful multi-lingual news products that uplift existing community production and begin the restoration of those ecosystems.

The Local

The Local is a daily dose of hometown news for Portland, Oregon. New episodes are released every weekday morning; each installment features a rundown of the day’s top stories, a featured story segment and an interview with someone from the community — a local politician, creative, thinker, journalist or leader.

Can We Talk? A Community Conversation About Race

Can We Talk? is an honest conversation about race in the Tampa Bay region, exploring topics from the local Black Lives Matter movement to public health, white allyship to social reform. Community members open up, debate, and share perspectives on issues that often divide us, creating an opportunity to listen, understand one another, and learn ways to make meaningful change in our community.