Public Media Giving Days: Gaining momentum for station success


Public Media Giving Days (PMGD) returns this May 1st and 2nd. Stations are once again coming together to fill the need for new methods to connect with fans, turn those fans into donors, maintain relationships with those donors—and more. PMGD is also a celebration dedicated to powering and expanding the public media mission.

WFAE staff approve first union contract

“We’re celebrating new guarantees on pay, time off and promotions,” the bargaining committee said in a press release. “We’ll also have a seat at the table as WFAE grows and evolves in the coming years.”

What public media can learn from the model of ‘NJ Spotlight News’

“The story of NJ PBS and ‘NJ Spotlight News’ suggests that public broadcasting can play a role in bolstering coverage of regional and statewide news. What’s needed to make it work is to bring together different newsroom cultures in a way that serves the audience rather than the bureaucratic imperatives of protecting turf and resisting change.”