Owner donates commercial radio station to California’s KCLU

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TOLocal/Wikimedia Commons

KCLU's studios.

KCLU in Thousand Oaks, Calif., is receiving a commercial radio station as a donation.

Knight Broadcasting donated KSYV in Solvang, Calif., to KCLU. Shawn Knight, the owner of Knight Broadcasting, died in 2022 in a paragliding accident.

The assignment application was filed April 2 and is pending FCC approval. KCLU GM Mary Olson said that she expects the approval process to take about two months.   

KSYV, a 420-watt signal on 96.7 FM, will help KCLU extend its broadcast to audiences in its listening area that are difficult to reach due to challenging terrain, Olson said. Solvang is about 90 miles northwest of Thousand Oaks.

KCLU’s current programming will air on KSYV.

“We are always interested in providing an optimum listening experience and will continue to strengthen our reach,” Olson said. 

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