Northwest Public Broadcasting receives gift of radio station

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Northwest Public Broadcasting in Pullman, Wash., has received the license of an FM station in Wenatchee, Wash., as a gift.

NWPB received the gift from the Sleeping Lady Foundation and took over the license Dec. 21 following FCC approval. 

KOHO began partnering with NWPB in 2022 to air student-run jazz programming that originates on NWPB’s KJEM.

“This gift allows NWPB staff to expand its content offerings and to create hyper-local content to serve the long-time listeners and supporters in Wenatchee,” NWPB GM Cara Williams Fry said in a press release.

Included in the foundation’s gift to the station is a seed grant “to explore, develop and implement local programming options,” according to a press release. 

The station will air jazz and eventually the new local programming, an NWPB spokesperson told Current in an email. NWPB plans to share more details in the spring.

In addition to the license, NWPB will receive studio and broadcast equipment, tower facilities and a long-term low-cost lease for studio and office space in Wenatchee. 

The Sleeping Lady Foundation made the gift in honor of Harriet Bullitt, who founded KOHO. 

“NWPB holds strong values that align beautifully with the goals of Sleeping Lady Foundation—to inspire and educate citizens to boldly enhance our communities,” Beth Stipe, president of the Sleeping Lady Foundation board of directors, said in the release. “Sleeping Lady Foundation is immensely excited to partner with NWPB to ensure Harriet Bullitt’s passion and commitment to local media and community radio, forever remain a part of life in North Central Washington.”

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