NPR adds two co-hosts to ‘Planet Money’

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NPR named Jeff Guo and Nick Fountain as co-hosts of Planet Money, according to a Tuesday press release. 

Guo and Fountain

Guo, NPR’s inaugural Ishiyama Transparency in Government Legal Fellow, and Fountain, a Planet Money producer since 2015, have already started in their new roles, according to spokesperson Emma Gordon.

“Nick has been a dedicated Planet Money team member for many years as a producer and a behind-the-scenes force in some of our favorite episodes,” said​​ EP Alex Goldmark in the release. “Jeff has only just started with us but has already been using his deep knowledge of economics and his sense of humor to make our episodes smarter and more joyful. Rarely do we find someone as thrilled to extract wonder from economics as Jeff is.”

Guo and Fountain join the cohort of Planet Money co-hosts Kenny Malone, Sarah Gonzalez, Mary Childs, Amanda Aronczyk, Erika Beras and Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi.

Guo is a lawyer and reporter who has previously worked for The New Republic and the Washington Post

“I’m looking forward to a lot of capers and nerdy hijinks with this talented bunch,” Guo said in the release. “I got into journalism because I just love to learn, and journalism is a license to be professionally curious. To get to do this work alongside smart, joyful colleagues is simply the greatest privilege.”

Prior to joining Planet Money, Fountain was a producer and director of NPR’s Morning Edition. He also worked for public radio stations KQED in San Francisco, and WBUR in Boston. 

“I’ve wanted to be a host of Planet Money ever since I first heard it, in college,” Fountain said in the release. “I’ve loved working as a producer here, and am thrilled to continue on as a host, where I’ll get to follow my curiosities and cover the global economy in this crucial moment. Planet Money is one of the most invigorating teams in this industry, and I’m honored to be a member.”

In addition to its flagship economics podcast, Planet Money produces a daily podcast The Indicator and The Planet Money/How I Built This Radio Hour, which airs on 339 public radio stations.

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