WPR’s Mike Crane will resign in October

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Mike Crane, director of Wisconsin Public Radio, will resign after more than 11 years with the organization.


He will step down Oct. 1, according to a press release.  

“I’m not the first, nor the millionth, person to find themselves contemplating the future during this pandemic,” Crane told Current in an email. “It’s been a truly stressful couple of years both personally and professionally, so I plan on restoring my energy and spirit, and then deciding what’s next.”

Wisconsin Public Media Interim Director Heather Reese and Educational Communications Board Executive Director Marta Bechtol plan to name an interim director of WPR before Crane steps down. WPM and ECB share supervisory responsibilities for WPR’s director. 

Crane told Current that he will “be around for a few months after I step down to help as needed at WPR.”

One thought on “WPR’s Mike Crane will resign in October

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