NYPR fires Bob Garfield after investigation into bullying

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New York Public Radio has fired On the Media host Bob Garfield for violating its anti-bullying policy, the organization said Monday. 


The decision to fire Garfield was the “result of a pattern of behavior that violated NYPR’s anti-bullying policy,” according to the statement. 

The decision followed an outside investigation that concluded Garfield had violated the policy, the statement said. Garfield had previously been disciplined for violating the policy following a 2020 investigation, the statement added. 

Garfield did not respond to a request for comment. 

On the Media airs on 421 stations. It will continue with current host Brooke Gladstone as solo host, NYPR said. 

“We recognize Bob’s contributions to our industry and our listeners,” the statement said. “We also affirm NYPR’s commitment to providing an inclusive and respectful environment for our employees, guests and listeners.”

Garfield said in tweets following the announcement that he was “fired not for ‘bullying’ per se, but for yelling in 5 meetings over 20 years” and that his “employment dispute … will be dealt with in the proper venues.” 

This post has been updated to include Garfield’s tweets.

4 thoughts on “NYPR fires Bob Garfield after investigation into bullying

  1. Well, we’re probably going to get details later. So we shall see. But it’s certainly easier for WNYC to terminate first and ask questions later. As to OTM the program itself, it’s about to get an even more liberal slant. Garfield is anything but conservative, but Gladstone alone will take this thing toward a “Democracy Now” kind of leftwing pitch. Those stations that reside in purple states, take care. There’s a dotted line which if crossed, can lose you valuable numbers of moderate listeners.

  2. Bob Garfield is guilty of being white and male and not showing sufficient remorse for being so. WNYC will not tolerate an act of outrage by anyone – unless they are not white and male.

  3. And speaking of, yes, Alex S. Jones….
    It says on his Wiki page that he “hosted On The Media from 1995 to 1997.” I believe it, because I can remember his last show, when he suddenly and unexpectedly announced (and I’m quoting from memory here), “And now, a personal note. Today is the last time I will be hosting On The Media…” His voice choking with emotion, he added, “I think it should be said that the decision was not mine. I wanted to stay! I …. I. … love this program and am so very proud of the work we do here. But I’m apparently not the one who makes the decisions around here, so I must go….”
    His crime: Heck if I know! But I do know this: The prior week, he announced (the blind fool!) that he would be “looking in the near future at the almost complete takeover of newsrooms by women, both here in New York and across the country. I mean, I’ve seen it myself, and have gotten reports from newsrooms all over the country: It’s all women. A near-complete and total takeover in every newsroom in the country. What’s going on? We are going to find out in the near future…”
    As I say: Oh, you blind fool. The very next week, Alex S. Jones was announcing his departure. Of course! He was about to report the truth on what was happening in the Media and, as a white, heterosexual man, he was signing his own Death Warrant.
    Adios, Alex.
    The show went back into the hands of WNYC’s Brian “I Will Never Say Anything Politically Incorrect” Lehrer, and then, in January 2001, Brooke Gladstone took the helm.
    Enough said.
    And that was back in 1997. The purges, the complete annihilation and carefully arranged destruction of any man who has the courage and personal integrity to write and report the truth on what is really happening to the Media in this country? Understand: It was happening then, too.
    And it continues — without anyone to stand up and speak out against the end of both free speech and freedom of the press in America.
    And this is your country. Hah! This is your country…..

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