Corey Lewis to leave WBUR

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WBUR station manager Corey Lewis will leave the station Friday after nearly two decades with the organization. 


Lewis said in an email to Current that “it is time for me to lead another institution to build the same success that enabled WBUR to prosper.”

He said he does not have a specific role lined up but is considering both public and commercial institutions. 

“You simply can’t dedicate this energy to your own decisions and life choices when you are working 12 hours a day to build a station like WBUR,” Lewis said. “I will take some brief time to make sure I don’t step too quickly into the most readily available opportunity and miss the larger calling and need that may be in the distance.”

In an email to staff, interim GM Sam Fleming said that Lewis “oversaw the creation of WBUR’s first-ever external marketing initiatives and expansion of the department’s ongoing efforts, a key element in WBUR’s expansion of its audience and service.” Lewis was also “legendary in negotiating vendor contracts,” Fleming said.

Lewis also started Corporate Public Connections, a media agency that helped WBUR grow its underwriting investments. Underwriting revenue nearly quadrupled during his tenure, Fleming said.  

Lewis started at WBUR in 2002 as director of corporate support before becoming station manager in 2005. Before his tenure at WBUR, Lewis spent 18 years in commercial TV. 

“Today, because of Corey’s vision, WBUR enjoys unprecedented support from the public and corporations with each appreciating the value in being associated with the station and its journalism,” Fleming said.

One thought on “Corey Lewis to leave WBUR

  1. Ummm…one would kinda think it might be relevant that the start date for the new General Manager, Margaret Low, was yesterday. And Corey Lewis is leaving today.

    I’m just sayin’. Seems like it might be a factor.

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