Nevada Public Radio lays off staff, CEO resigns amid ‘business challenges’

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Karen Everhart

Financial troubles at Nevada Public Radio have prompted the resignation of CEO Florence Rogers and layoffs at its Reno station, the organization’s board of directors announced Friday. 

The station is facing “severe cash flow issues” due to “significant business challenges,” according to the announcement. 

“The Board of Directors is implementing major cost-cutting efforts while planning a restructure of the organization to increase efficiency and revenues,” the announcement said. “As part of this strategy, we are reviewing and analyzing every operational expense and eliminating all such expenses that are not absolutely essential to ensure continued operations.”

Tax documents show that Nevada Public Radio ran operating deficits every year from FY2010–17, the last year for which documents are available. In FY17, it had an operating deficit of more than $500,000 and total revenue of about $6.7 million.

Rogers stepped down “so an interim CEO can bring the necessary level of financial and legal expertise currently needed to allow us to move ahead effectively in stabilizing Nevada Public Radio in order to continue serving our audiences,” according to the announcement. 

Jerry Nadal, former chair of the station’s board, will lead the organization as CEO on an interim basis beginning Sept. 23. Board members will oversee the organization until Nadal takes over. Rogers will also assist the board during the transition. 

The station laid off four staffers who worked for NV89, its Triple A music station in Reno. NV89 will retire the music format and rebroadcast KNPR, Nevada Public Radio’s main signal in Las Vegas. Nevada Public Radio bought the Reno station in 2016 for $550,000.

2 thoughts on “Nevada Public Radio lays off staff, CEO resigns amid ‘business challenges’

  1. They tried so hard to get more listeners to become members . I hope now they may realize the desperate need to pay whatever is feasible rather than loose this independent voice in an election season.. I listen everyday but am on retiree. Money and have supported them for years.

  2. This is disheartening. I work full time but would certainly volunteer and they may need to switch to an all volunteer model until a better idea can be manifested.

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