Letter from the executive director: Triple your donation to Current for NewsMatch 2018

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Information and inspiration.

That’s what public media offers to all Americans. And that’s what Current aims to deliver to you.

It’s also what we brought to last month’s Public Radio Super-Regional meeting, where four finalists in our second Local that Works contest presented their projects to station leaders.

Together we watched and listened as innovators ­— mostly from small and mid-size stations ­— shared the stories behind bold local initiatives that are engaging new and diverse audiences, amplifying unheard voices and stories, and having a transformational impact on their communities.

The finalists — from North Carolina to California, upstate New York to Alaska — exemplify public media’s visionary mission, giving audiences a sense of place, purpose, understanding and unity across cultural, economic, educational and racial divides.

In this second year of the Local that Works contest, we received 122 submissions from stations and nonprofit news organizations in 44 states. Roughly 28 percent were from TV, 40 percent were from radio, 23 percent were from joint licensees, and 7 percent were from nonbroadcast nonprofit news outlets.

The entries reveal how public media organizations are pioneering new approaches for solution-oriented convenings on complex issues, providing a trustworthy source for local news that matters and serving as the last safe media refuge for children. In many communities, public media is a beacon that illuminates the widest diversity of music, art and ideas.

Current’s Local that Works reveals the emergence of a truly local sounds, images and services from our stations, work that is essential to their sustainability and relevance. Current will be publishing many stories about Local that Works entries, and, as a resource for subscribers, we have created a searchable database of all of the 268 submissions received over the past two years.

Our purpose is to give you the news you need to stay connected as a professional community and move public media’s mission forward. Will you help us continue to do our part to help public media thrive?

From now until the end of December, Current is participating in NewsMatch, a national fundraising campaign for nonprofit news organizations. A coalition of foundations will double all individual donations (of up to $1,000) we receive by Dec. 31. On top of that, the Wyncote Foundation will match dollar for dollar the first $10,000 we raise, making it a triple match.

That means if Current raises $10,000, those donations will automatically become $30,000. If we raise $25,000, our total will be $60,000. Can you help Current rise to this challenge?

We know that your relationship with Current is professional and that charitable giving is personal. That’s why, again this year, we invite you to nominate people who’ve inspired you to the Public Media Honor Roll. In times like these, expressions of gratitude, appreciation and mutual support can be the change we wish to see in our world.

Current is here to inform and celebrate your work in public media. And now we need to hear from you. Donate today.

We’re in this together!

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