Public Media Honor Roll

A generous donation has been made to Current to recognize the individuals listed below for their service to and lasting impact on public media.

Adam Ragusea
Bill Baker
Al Bartholet
Amy Goodman
Amy Salit
Bill Moyers
Bob Malesky
Boisfeuillet Jones
Bruce Christensen
Charlie Rose
Dave Isay
David Haas
Doug Mitchell
Elisabeth Perez-Luna
Fred Rogers
Ginny Berson
Frank Carlson
Henry Cauthen
Irma Aandahl
JJ Yore
Jonathan Barzilay
Julie Drizin
Kara McGuirk-Allison
Kathryn Kolbert
Len Press
Margaret Warner
Maynard Orme
Margot Adler
Maria Hinojosa
Mark Fuerst
Maxie Jackson
Paula Kerger
Peter Morrill
Sally Jo Fifer
Sheila Rue
Shankar Vedantam
Sharon Rockefeller
Sheryl Flowers
Stephen Behrens
Sue Schardt
Vinnie Curren
Virginia Fox


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