Virginia public broadcaster eliminates stations’ CEO position

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As part of the reorganization of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting, WCVE President Curtis Monk will leave his position Sept. 14.

The Virginia public broadcaster announced in May 2017 that it would use part of its $182 million in spectrum auction proceeds to establish a new parent organization, the Virginia Foundation for Public Media.

The Commonwealth board decided that executives at the six TV and radio stations, which are branded as the Community Idea Stations, will report to the new foundation’s future CEO. The board eliminated Monk’s position.

The incoming CEO “will be charged with overseeing operations for both the foundation and the Community Idea Stations, allowing the two entities to work with a unified purpose,” Monk wrote in an online message Aug. 13.

Bill Miller, VP and GM, will oversee the stations until the CEO is hired, Monk said.

Monk, a former banker, was “the right guy at the right time to lead the station” when he arrived in 2006, Commonwealth Board Chair Josh Dare told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“One of his greatest accomplishments was met during the fiscal challenges when the economy was in recession and the station lost state funding,” Dare said.

Dare told the newspaper he expects to hire the CEO by this fall.

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