‘Made Possible By’ #9: Minnesota Public Radio founder Bill Kling

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Kling outside of Minnesota Public Radio headquarters in Minneapolis.

On this episode of Made Possible By…, we present an in-depth discussion with one of the most influential founders in public radio: Bill Kling, president emeritus of Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media. He talks with APM producer Kryssy Pease.

Kling, standing far right, with the founding board of National Public Radio in 1970.

Kling has seen a lot change during his career in public media. But he’s confident that however technology changes, his former network and public radio as a whole will hang in there. “If the content can come to me on something I do use, and it’s easy to find and it’s relevant, then we’ll be doing the same job for future audiences that we are for current audiences,” he says.

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