‘Made Possible By…’ #12: Sandra Rattley on an eclectic career

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Sandra Rattley and April Simpson

On this week’s episode of Made Possible By…, you’ll hear from Sandra Rattley, executive producer of the PBS documentary series America by the Numbers. Over her long and varied career in public media, Rattley spearheaded initiatives at NPR that supported independent producers and won two Peabody Awards for her work in radio. She has also worked with the Congressional Black Caucus and Nelson and Winnie Mandela. On the podcast, Rattley is interviewed by Current Associate Editor April Simpson.

“I’m lucky,” Rattley says about her career. “I’ve had tremendous experiences, I’ve worked like a dog, so it’s not like someone just granted these things to me. … These are opportunities that I worked for and I earned, and they’ve been life-changing for me, and some good has come out of them.”

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