5 thoughts on “Fans of Joe Frank remember the storyteller’s dark sonic magic

  1. Thanks for this and the link to Hearing Voices too.

    I wonder why KCRW’s former boss had “nothing to say” about Joe? I heard him do a monologue at Largo in LA where she waits at her door unwrapped in a robe — magenta, mebbe? — inviting him out of the dark…

    (A Firesign Theater “flimsy burnoose!” comes to mind)

    Or could be for some other reason.

  2. He was a genius and because of that, I hired him at NPR to host Weekend ATC. But, it didn’t work because he simply could not restrain himself into the regularity and requirements of a network radio show. It was my mistake to try to “train” him or rein him in, as it would have been lobotomizing the genius and free spirit out of him. I still listen to his work in awe and wonder.

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