Who’s on first? The A-list of Universal subscribers to Current

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Here’s a roll call of the stations that have decided to get a Universal subscription to Current. The Universal subscription (we call it the best of all possible worlds) enables all staff at the following organizations to access Current online using their work email address. If you haven’t received an email from Wallit, our paywall partner, with instructions for activating your Current account, check your spam folder. It’s also possible that we are awaiting payment in order to set up your station’s universal account. What to do if your place of employment isn’t on this list? Scroll down for suggestions!

  • Capital Public Radio
  • Iowa Public Radio
  • KCPT
  • KCRW
  • KCUR
  • KERA
  • KETC/Nine Network
  • KNKX
  • KPCC/Southern California Public Radio
  • KUED
  • KUER
  • KUOW
  • KVIE
  • Montana PBS
  • Nashville Public Television
  • Nebraska Educational Television
  • New Hampshire Public Television
  • New York Public Radio/ WNYC / WQXR
  • NPR
  • Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Prairie Public Broadcasting
  • Public Radio International
  • PBS Hawaii
  • Vegas PBS
  • WEDU
  • WETA
  • WGTE
  • WNED
  • WOSU
  • WPTD/Think TV
  • WUCF
  • WUSF
  • West Virginia Public Broadcasting
  • WXPN
  • WXXI
  • WYES

So, if your station isn’t on this list, it could mean one of four things:

  • Management has decided not to obtain universal access for all employees at this time.
  • Management hasn’t made a decision yet about universal subscription.
  • Management has decided to get or keep a group subscription to provide access to some but not all employees.
  • Management has decided not to subscribe to Current. (Worst. Decision. Ever.)

So, talk to your boss. Find out what your organization is doing or planning to do. Let her/him know that reading Current is important to your work and that you’d like to be included in the group subscription if there is one. We can adjust the number of subscribers at any time. For groups of five or more employees, the per person subscription rate drops 25%, going from $89 a year to $66.75.

If you can’t be included in the station subscription, unionize or go on strike. Just kidding! Nobody is stopping you from buying your own individual subscription to Current for $89 a year. (It’s a work-related expense, right?) And it’s less than $7.50 per month to keep informed and connected to the larger public media system. And your subscription is what keeps Current flowing. Also, if you are a member of the Association of Independents in Radio or the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, if you are about to go back to school full-time or retire, we’ll offer you a discounted digital subscription ($49). Just call us so we can help you with that. Thanks for reading and helping to sustain this nonprofit news organization.

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