Slate will take over co-producer role with ‘Studio 360’

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Slate will assume co-production of Studio 360 with Public Radio International starting Aug. 1, PRI announced Tuesday.

Current co-producer WNYC in New York City decided to step away from the weekly arts and culture show, according to a station spokesperson. The station has co-produced Studio 360 since its launch in 2000. The show will continue airing on WNYC.

“As WNYC and WNYC Studios invest more and more heavily in our on-demand properties and partnerships, working in a constant state of new program development, we continually reassess our portfolio to ensure we are serving our audience and attracting new listeners,” said Dean Cappello, chief content officer at WNYC, in a statement. “We are incredibly proud of the work we did on Studio 360, and PRI was a terrific partner.”

After considering potential partners, PRI chose Slate “due to their world-class digital-native journalism, podcast expertise, and mutual passion and curiosity for exploring entertainment, arts and ideas, and their intersection with news and politics,” PRI spokesperson Julia Yager told Current.

Studio 360’s staff will move from WNYC to Slate’s Brooklyn headquarters. The format of the show will not change.

PRI said in a press release that partnering with Slate will help “expand podcast development and digital distribution” of the show. Yager added that the move will expand the show into a “true podcast enterprise.”

“… We’ll be able to leverage their expertise to build on the success of the radio program in new ways, with a special focus on podcasting,” Yager said. “Since the relationship with Slate is still new and forming, we don’t know exactly what it will transform to be quite yet.”

Studio 360 is a perfect addition to Slate’s stable of podcasts,” said Julia Turner, editor-in-chief of Slate, in the release. “We’re always looking to partner with smart voices and we’re eager to help Studio 360 find and amplify its digital-first voice.”

Studio 360 airs on 214 public radio stations.

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