Groups to deliver petitions to Congress supporting CPB funding

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Petitions with more than 660,000 signatures to save CPB funding will be presented to Congress Tuesday morning after a rally for parents and kids near the Capitol.

The event is sponsored by five advocacy organizations including the progressive hub, media reformer Free Press and ParentsTogether Action, a family issues nonprofit. PBS is not a co-sponsor.

The petitions urge members of Congress to reject President Trump’s initial budget proposal, which calls for zeroing out of CPB funding.

Speakers scheduled to appear include ParentsTogether founder Bethany Robertson, a 9-year-old PBS Kids fan and Free Press President Craig Aaron.

Trump’s decision to end CPB support “was expected from a president who believes the media are enemies of the American people,” Aaron said in a statement. “But members of Congress should do themselves a favor by listening to the voices of their many constituents. These people believe in overwhelmingly numbers that support for NPR and PBS programming, including PBS Kids, is taxpayer money well spent.”

Current plans to provide a Facebook Live stream from the event on our Facebook page. The event starts at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

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