6 thoughts on “Facing loss of state funding, West Virginia Public Broadcasting plans for layoffs

    • ? Not to be be that guy, but Civics 101, Trump has no say on the WV budget.

      Public Broadcasting should survive (or fail) on its merits, not what it can suck from the public dole.

      • As always, your argument conveniently overlooks that public radio, like all non-commercial radio, is legally prohibited from competing on a level playing field. It cannot endorse political candidates. It cannot air political advertising. It cannot air any advertising at all.

        As long as the government imposes these artificial conditions, it must provide funding to compensate, period.

        Anyone who argues otherwise is just a censor who doesn’t like public radio’s content and thus wants to silence them.

      • And it’s disingenuous to the point of offensiveness to assume that if Hillary Clinton had been elected President that the West Virginia legislature would be so bold as balance their budget on the backs of arts and culture to preserve tax giveaways for major fossil fuel companies.

  1. We’re really circling the drain when it’s a Democrat joining the War on Poor People. West Virginia, a less-prosperous state (to put it nicely), needs more educational content, not less.

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