Latest Radiotopia fundraiser promotes brand over shows

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Radiotopia kicked off its third annual fundraiser Tuesday with a focus on the overall network of podcasts, rather than individual shows.

Public Radio Exchange, which runs Radiotopia, is trying to build the network’s brand to benefit all shows regardless of audience size, according to Maggie Taylor, PRX’s director of marketing. Last year, Radiotopia encouraged donors to help individual shows such as Mortified, 99% Invisible and Radio Diaries hire interns and buy equipment.

That campaign aimed to add new donors. It drew 19,000 new contributors and more than 20,000 small-dollar donations. PRX declined to disclose the amount it raised, “though it was impressive,” Taylor said.

Radiotopia changed its messaging this year to focus on the collective. The network compares itself to the “mixtape tradition,” with its carefully curated packages and individual tracks that tell different stories. This year, it aims to add 10,000 new donors.

The network is also looking to build relationships with donors by pushing small monthly sustaining gifts.

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