4 thoughts on “KUOW licensee plans to buy rival KPLU

      • Glad to hear you’re doing a followup to this! FWIW, I also noticed quite a lot of posts on KUOW’s, KPLU’s and the PLU’s President’s Facebook pages. Most are quite upset, it seems. I’m just a bit surprised there’s nobody in the industry talking about it HERE on Current. (shrugs) Perhaps they’re finding enough of an outlet elsewhere. C’est la vie.

        BTW, Tom Taylor and Ken Mills are raising the excellent question about what’s going to happen to KPLU’s extensive FM translator network. Four of the seven are already commercial-band signals (including one 250 watt big one that’s on the west side of Puget Sound but aimed straight at downtown Seattle) and thus eligible to sold to AM stations as part of the “AM revitalization effort”. Actually, if the remaining three could be moved to the commercial band via minor change filings ahead of the revitalization windows, then they could become eligible as well. (translators in the non-comm band at the revitalization window are not eligible)

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