How you can keep Current flowing

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Count on You House Ad BigWe all know how important it is for public media’s listeners and viewers to support their local stations financially. Member support is a critical piece of public media’s funding model, and it’s the best way for audiences to tell you just how much they value your programs and your unique role in the community.

It’s the same story here at Current. We, too, are facing the challenge of sustaining and deepening our service in the face of economic pressures and imperatives brought on by the digital revolution.

Current is here for you, as it has been for public media professionals for 35 years.

It’s where you find out what’s happening in public media, who’s doing it and how.

It’s where you learn about new programs, podcasts and funding strategies.

It’s where you find new job opportunities and reach out to recruit new talent.

Current is a nonprofit that relies on advertisers, subscribers and a generous grant from the Wyncote Foundation. We hope we can also count on a donation from you.

If you appreciate Current’s coverage and our efforts to spark informed dialogue, then let us know what we mean to you by making a tax-deductible year-end or monthly contribution. You can mail a check or donate online. American University, which we’re part of, will process and acknowledge your donation, but 100 percent of it will support Current.

Your support will enable us to continue to tell the stories and provide the analysis you’ve come to expect. It will also bolster our efforts to develop new ways to serve you.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all of us at Current thank you for reading this letter — and for your support.

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