• tim

    Funny….I saw that mvpbs van driving around Vineyard Haven on the Island today and he waved……

  • f.x.koch

    I have seen jail inmates waving. There might be a connection somehow

  • Aaron Read

    I noticed on their site they reference themselves as “The White Dog” a lot, too, a clear counterpoint to the famous “The Black Dog” restaurant…originally started in Vineyard Haven, MA but now has several locations and is almost more a clothing/swag company than a restaurant. You’ve probably seen their iconic logo on t-shirts and whatnot as virtually every MV tourist buys one sooner or later.


    Point is, I’m a little surprised the Black Dog hasn’t snarled more about copyright infringement. I’m not sure it would fly, but I am sure that they MUST have had to defend their trademarks vigorously in the past. They’re too big not to have done that.