4 thoughts on “History Detectives can’t solve its own mysterious lack of underwriters, ends production

  1. Please bring back History Detectives. It’s been years since the last production and we still have 2 objects that we never submitted and we have had no luck with our amateur sleuthing.

  2. I was one of the viewers that submitted a request for assistance with a Historical Photograph of the Washington Navy Yard from October 1944.

    I realize Wes Cowan May be retired, or not interested, but we as your viewers are still interested in rare and obscure history and historical items. There are other historians and history buffs!

    Give it another go! Find a sponsor, maybe Ancestry or one of the Genetics companies, and/or Labs?

    You would have plenty of viewers in this atmosphere of COVID-19!

    Take care & Be safe!

  3. Such a shame that a television series like The History Detectives went off the air. Instead we have all types of crap on television that isn’t worth watching and has absolutely zero educational value.

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