Thursday roundup: Charlie Rose makes for healthier viewing; Sagal opens up on The Moth

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• People who watch Charlie Rose are less likely to consume high-calorie snacks than are viewers of a decade-old Michael Bay movie, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine. As NewsHour reports, the study measured the snacking habits of a group of participants divided into thirds. The Charlie Rose watchers were 98 percent less likely to eat available snacks than a group watching the 2005 movie The Island with the sound on, and 36 percent less likely than those watching The Island with the sound off.

• Peter Sagal appeared on The Moth to discuss his experience running alongside a visually impaired man at the 2013 Boston Marathon, narrowly avoiding the bombing attack. His segment “Keep Going,” recorded in February before his return to the marathon this spring, was released this week. Sagal also opens up about his 2013 divorce.

Bullseye‘s Jesse Thorn appeared on the creator-centric podcast The New Disruptors to discuss the different strategies of podcasters and broadcast radio, as well as ratings minutiae for Los Angeles’s KCRW and KPCC.

• Tom Roston, the documentary blogger at POV, makes a case for PBS stalwart Ken Burns as one of the greatest documentarians of all time. “It’s time we look more closely at the formal, aesthetic accomplishments of Burns, and what it takes to weave together a narrative that spans 10, 14, 18 hours,” writes Roston, who is releasing a e-book of his extended interview with Burns in the Kindle Single store. “He’s more than just that little pan-and-scan application effect you used for the pictures from your niece’s Bat Mitzvah.”

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