Monday roundup: NewsHour, CPB CEO jump on Ice Bucket Challenge; San Fran nonprofit gives crowdfunding tips

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• Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill took up PBS President Paula Kerger’s invitation to join the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research, with NewsHour staffers dumping ice water on them in a YouTube video. In turn, Woodruff and Ifill challenged NewsHour contributors David Brooks and Mark Shields, along with medical charities.

CPB CEO Pat Harrison also underwent the dunking, and challenged APTS President Pat Butler and NPR President Jarl Mohn.

Writing for the Knight Foundation, the team behind the nonprofit San Francisco Public Press dissected its recent successful crowdfunding campaign for a bicycle news delivery service. Some of their tips include asking for paltry donations to goad donors into giving more, accelerating campaigns as they approach their endings, and maintaining consistent branding.

• What does the word “impact” mean, anyway? The Center for Investigative Reporting takes a deep dive into the quest to define impact measurement. CIR is working with the University of Southern California to develop a taxonomy of meaning for measuring engagement. The blog post comes on the heels of an in-depth impact study from CIR on its “Rape in the Fields” collaborative investigation with Frontline.

• PBS Kids will be offered via Google’s Chromecast, making it the first children’s content provider to partner with the tech giant. Sara DeWitt, v.p. of PBS Kids Digital, talked to Stream Daily about educational prospects for the “two-screen experience.”