Via Aviators website, opportunities for product placement

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Producers of The Aviators, a public TV series distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association, devoted a page of the program website to videos depicting opportunities for product placements by sponsors. The web page was removed after Current inquired about the unusual sponsorship marketing. Screenshots from the page are presented here.

In an email to Current, Executive Producer Anthony Nalli explained the marketing strategies behind the descriptions and how FourPoints Television Productions worked with sponsors.

Southwest Aviators screenshot

Nalli writes:  “Any time aviation gives back to the community, that’s the kind of positive message we feel is important to convey as part of the core mission of The Aviators.”



Nalli: This example referred “not so much a marketing point as it was a concern was that we would sensationalize their aircraft’s accident history. It’s a complex aircraft and requires proper training to be flown safely. We stated the facts as they are known publicly in a manner that did not sensationalize.”

Eclipse Aerospace

Nalli:  “We don’t watch corporate videos but certainly know them. There are obviously facts pertaining to history, development and manufacture in corporate [videos] and we also state those same facts. Obviously a [corporate video] waves a company banner, and we just don’t.”


Nalli:  “Besides being incredible performers, Aerostars are friends of ours and the segment helped to show them as real people to their fans. That was the intent of that segment.”

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