Next goal for American Archive: 5,000 more hours of content

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The American Archive of Public Broadcasting is aiming to add another 5,000 hours of digitally native or previously digitized content to supplement the 40,000 hours currently slated for preservation.

Casey Davis, the archive’s project manager, posted a call for interested stations on the archive’s blog Dec. 9. The archive hopes to collect the additional 5,000 hours over the next two years. Some of the materials may come from those digitized during the archive’s 2009 pilot project, Davis said.

On Nov. 21, Boston’s WGBH and the Library of Congress announced they would take on joint stewardship of the American Archive, transitioning the project away from CPB. “Just to ease any doubts out there about the materials’ safekeeping — the Library has committed to preserving the materials for the life of the Republic plus 500 years,” Davis wrote.

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