After teasing Carmen Sandiego fans, PBS says there are ‘no plans’ to bring show back

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On TV, Carmen Sandiego was known for being an elusive thief. Online, she’s proving just as slippery.

PBS posted an image of a red hat and gloves to its Tumblr page July 12, along with a note reading, “Where in the world did this come from? Stay tuned for something awesome!” Later the network updated its post, writing, “This is not about new episodes, but will be appreciated by any ’90s kid. Stay tuned!”

A wide range of online outlets, from the Huffington Post to film industry trade publication The Wrap, began speculating over whether PBS is preparing to bring its children’s game show Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? out of retirement. The series was a major hit for PBS more than 20 years ago.

No such luck, according to PBS. “There are no plans for Carmen Sandiego to return to PBS’s schedule,” the network told Current. “The post was designed to tap into nostalgia and bring back childhood memories for viewers who grew up in the ’90s.”

Based on a series of computer games, the game show challenged its school-age contestants to use their knowledge of geography to catch Sandiego as she poached famous world landmarks. Original episodes ran on public TV stations from 1991-95. The series was so popular it spawned a PBS follow-up series, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, and a Saturday-morning cartoon on commercial TV.

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