OK Go’s Tiny Desk concert makes for an epic NPR move

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In a single video, for the song “All Is Not Lost,” rock band OK Go performed both the last-ever Tiny Desk concert at the former NPR headquarters and the first-ever concert at its new building. As Bob Boilen, Robin Hilton, Carl Kasell and others packed up and moved equipment from one location to another, the band played continuously (with the help of some creative editing) and even worked in some public radio–specific lyrics.

OK Go, whose bandleader Damien Kulash formerly worked as an engineer for Chicago Public Radio, filmed the bit over two days in late March during NPR’s actual crosstown move. It took the crew 223 takes and six separate assemblies and disassemblies of the titular desk, according to Boilen. To all future Tiny Desk performers: The bar has been raised.

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