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  1. Both BMW and Volvo have outstanding Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) against HD Radio’s many technical problems – it is a flawed technology that will never work nearly as well as analog. There have been mentions of internal Service Bulletins in other automaker HD Radio forums, as well. Some car buyers are trying to return HD Radio equipped cars to dealerships, after other remedies have failed. Conversions by stations to HD Radio have stalled, and many have turned off their HD Radio signals on AM and FM. HD Radio is nothing more than a cheap layer of glossy paint. Most major retailers gave up on HD Radio long ago.

    • I love HD radio for Classical music. It is all I listen to. Every radio I own is an HD radio. I do not like analog radio because I am so use to the static free perfect reception of HD radio. I also do not like the critics of HD radio and they are liers. HD radio is easy to use and much easier than Ipods or iphone’s because I do not have to download anything or pay anything extra and HD radio goes with me every where for free effortlessly. The easiest thing is turning an HD radio on.

      • Also because classical music has been moved to HD radio in the areas I live and travel I would not even listen to the FM/AM radio anymore if it were not for HD radio. I would be to get satellite radio. The biggest problems for adaption of HD radio are content, power levels and availability. People who like classical radio like myself are being forced to get HD radios and I have no problem with that because I like it. But because HD radio needs good antennas and radios to come in without dropouts it causes the critics to complain. And power levels for HD stations were not strong enough for most stations when first approved causing reception problems. Most people will not upgrade on their own to new technology unless it is almost forced on them in a product they have to have or mandated to be in everything. Getting HD radio in all new cars will be big but will take years to see the fruit because most people drive older cars. It is also hard to find HD radios to buy. It took congress mandating HD tuners in every TV and a hard cutoff date for analog TV to force people to get HD television. That is what it takes otherwise it is going to be a very slow process. But HD will not be forced like HD TV was so it is going to take patience. Smart phones are popular because everyone wants a phone but everyone doe not need an HD radio sub channel because radio stations will but popular formats on analog radio so selling content on HD sub channels is hard. The break through will be when most cars have HD radio and then stations have content listeners want not available on analog radio and limited data plans on smart phones causing people not to be able to stream stations unlimited. But we do not need to give the crititics of HD radio a voice because there will always be critics of everything but they serve no useful purpose other than there on self-interests.

        • Yeah, because you know, an industry that has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this technology did so with purely altruistic motives. The “critics of HD radio” indeed deserve a voice because, believe it or not, they represent a significant portion of broadcasters and the listening audience.

          The reason why HD Radio has not been mandated is wholly due to the proprietary nature of the technology. If iBiquity would rescind the license fees broadcasters must pay, there might actually be some hope in further adoption. That alone was a deal-killer for many independent broadcasters (who, ironically, make up the vast majority of station licensees).

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  3. Actually, the key for HD is to get reception capability both into cars *and* phones. Of course, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come…you also have to provide compelling content – not use HD as a dumping-ground for no-longer-fiscally-viable formats.

    • Yes, every car radio, should already have it now, they don’t. Sorry who buys one speaker tabletop radios? I don’t. And that seems like hd radio major market. Why only $1000+ high end home stereo systems have it, but anything lower, does not? By now people should not need to look for the hd radio logo, or even know it, it should just be there. The major of the radio purchases is not hd, because it’s not available to them. Consumers can not buy, if it is not there. And they are buying now, with no hd radio integration. The programming is there, the receivers are not.

  4. Sorry, this is the government’s fault, they wanted to go digital, then they still are dragging their feet, worsted than the conversion to hdtv (why did they wait soooo long to get the conversion boxes to the public? Last minute bullshit) (or trying to resolve the 2000bug. Really by December 1999?! Why not years earlier?). They are the only ones that are going to make this a better workable system, stop ducking off and drop the analog already.

    Hey, whose going to make an ideal portable hd radio, like the zume by Microsoft had done?

  5. HD Radio is wonderful. Sound clarity is important, and HD is the best. Many local public radio stations offer HD radio broadcasts…but it is actually so hard to find and buy a home radio that picks up the HD broadcasts – about all that is left is trashy stuff available at Best Buy. People want to pay for their TV, but airwave broadcast HDTV is free and great!…and so is HD radio. People want to squander their money on garbage.

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  7. Is HD Radio the same thing as Digital Radio? The world is using that, but the Great United States of America cannot have Digital Radio!

  8. I think the biggest obstacle to HD radio uptake is the station reception. You can fault the FCC for that by keeping transmission power at 1% of the analog signal. Consistent reception outside of the suburbs is all but impossible particularly with those little shotgun class A signals where the signals drifts even in the suburbs.

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