6 thoughts on “Big Bird, Jim Lehrer have viewers atwitter during and after presidential debate

  1. Congratulations for a well written article filled with factual statements about Mitt’s other comments on the issue. I wish you had included one more fact. How much of PBS revenue comes from federal subsidies? I think it is a relatively small part of their total budget. Less than 20%? Mitt and all of us want PBS best programs, like Lehrer, Big
    Bird and Bert and Ernie, NOVA and FRONTLINE to survive, and they will. But, once
    we stop taxpayer subsidies, they might have to ask Bain Capital to show them how to
    keep it viable.

  2. By the way, I thought Jim Lehrer did a superb job of moderating the debate. He pressed for details and keeping to schedule, but didn’t make himself the center of attention. He let the participants play the game with minimal interference from the ref. There is a reason he is such a highly respected newsman and he showed it in the debate. I hope he set a standard for the future debates.

  3. Hi Rand: About 15 percent of PBS’s revenue comes from the federal
    appropriation. Federal dollars also account for about 15 percent of the
    pubcasting system’s overall budget. Thanks for your comments!

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