3 thoughts on “PRC recommends format switch for Delmarva Public Radio

  1. Can’t say I know much about the Delmarva peninsula, nor how it relates to the rest of Delaware…but what about the brand-new WDDE? Why not some sort of partnership with them? Seems a shame to sacrifice a local news station in favor of out-of-market sources?

  2. I remember hearing about those stations going on air and wondering how that market would support so many public radio services. Did Public Radio Capital have a hand in either the WYPR or WAMU repeaters? It’s sad that one of the incumbent stations (that helped create the demand for public radio programming) is going to pay the price.

  3. Regardless of where it broadcasts from; NPR is essential to Delmarva. We must keep the news and info that links us with the nation & the world. The knowledge NPR provides is priceless!

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