6 thoughts on “‘Takeaway’ shifts to middays in bid for broader carriage

  1. Morning Edition is fantastic: why try to dump it?? The Take Away got better and better, and now it’s going to be reduced? Frankly, the show I could do without is the BBC; but other friends love it. On Point has a fantastic interface with listeners, and a brilliant host with terrific guests. What ties all these shows together is the BRILLIANT JOURNALISTS. Some audience participation helps plump out a discussion or questions, but too much of it, and we’ll only have less air time for BRILLIANT JOURNALISTS!!! What are you emulating? The Fox station with virtually NO brilliant journalists and tons of PANDERING to an audience made ignorant — one might even say, ‘crafted into ignorance’ — by the LACK OF BRILLIANT JOURNALISTS! Public broadcasting needs to beware of genuflecting before Social Media: it cannot compare to BRILLIANT, INVESTIGATIVE, FACT-CHECKED JOURNALISM!!

    On a related note, I heard that Celeste Headlee will be leaving the Take Away. This is very unfortunate for us. For awhile, she seemed to be committed to the idea of speaking really really fast, as if she could draw in a whole young audience by acquiring their form of speech. Unfortunately, she would mis-speak and have to repeat herself, thus taking up as much time as regular journalistic speech would have taken. She has since then started speaking in what I must assume is her natural speech pattern, with this consequence: her BRILLIANT JOURNALISM shows thru, AND she gives a lively presentation. I have noticed that many of the NPR journalists seem to be speaking faster nowadays. Please Stop It!!! People need time to listen and to process what they are hearing. This is NEWS, i.e., new-s!

    Maybe there are too many people in public broadcasting: perhaps that explains the desire to unseat successful shows, filled with BRILLIANT JOURNALISM, that also seem to take diversity quite seriously. Please stop trying to unseat one another. The REAL FIGHT is against the Fox Network: don’t try to dilute, via Social Media, NPR shows into sounding LIKE FOX!!! Thanks!

    • Tina – While I agree with much of what you say, the truth is that the core of public radio’s paying membership are older white males so the current business model won’t work in the long run. The only way to entice new audiences is to innovate without compromising public radio’s integrity, excellence, etc.

  2. Oh, I so LOVE The Takeaway and won’t be able to tune in later in the day, not even at 9:00. Morning Edition is also great, but The Takeaway is my favorite.

    Why Did Celeste Headlee leave? Why is she just gone with no comment?

    • I spoke with Celeste the other day. She wasn’t given a choice. The producers decided to downsize the show and opted for Hockenberry as the sole host. But fortunately Celeste has some exciting “normal working-hour” opportunities that should keep her in the news biz for some time.

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  4. John Hockenberry’s strength as a host came through after Sandy in special call in shows. He is a terrible interviewer. Almost never asking tough questions. Listening to him makes you wonder how he prepares, what he reads…The Takeaway was a good idea, a great concept. The talent is not there to deliver.

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