Longtime Wisconsin Public Radio host announces retirement

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Jean Feraca, an on-air host on Wisconsin Public Radio since 1983, told listeners on Tuesday (Dec. 20) that she’s retiring in March 2012. Feraca declined to talk further with a reporter from the State Journal newspaper, saying only, “I lost everybody in my team earlier this year, and it’s been difficult,” referring to two producers who moved on from the station.

In her letter, Feraca jokes about her small stature, saying that listeners often say they thought she was taller — to which she replies, “I’m bigger on the radio.”

“And this is true,” she writes. “I am bigger on the radio. We are all bigger on the radio. There is something about this exercise of opening up a microphone, day after day, year after year, over the thousands of radio hours we have shared together, that calls us to be bigger, that requires it. Thank you listeners, not only for listening, but for making me bigger.”

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