“This is Shock and Claw”: newslink round-up of Williams dismissal

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A parody of NPR’s firing of Juan Williams led last night’s edition of The Daily Show, and Williams appeared on NPR’s Diane Rehm Show this morning. [Scroll down to second segment.] Links to other recent coverage: a Fox News producer confronts NPR President Vivian Schiller in a field segment for O’Reilly Factor; New York University J-School Professor Jay Rosen questions NPR’s stated objective of preserving journalistic standards of objectivity on WBUR’s On Point; and, on last weekend’s edition of On The Media, Slate’s William Saletan describes how Williams’ selectively edited remarks went viral as a selectively edited video blog post by ThinkProgress. Saletan drew parallels between Williams’ firing and the right-wing’s attack on Shirley Sherrod, the U.S. Agriculture Department employee who was fired, and later reinstated, for public remarks that were taken out of context and circulated on the blogosphere.

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