Reshaping digital strategy: CBA Digital Reach 360 is changing the way public media raises funds

Learn what’s possible in a complicated fundraising landscape with a digitally savvy partner offering cutting-edge collaboration.

By Carl Bloom Associates, Inc.

Authors note: In this article, a follow-up to CBA’s article from November 2022, we’ll explore even more success stories that showcase how public media stations have harnessed the power of digital fundraising by engaging audiences, attracting attention, and boosting revenue.

In the ever-evolving world of fundraising, non-profits must find innovative ways to thrive. One of the most promising and exciting strategies is digital fundraising. Powerful tools are available to non-profits; however, organizations must navigate the complexity of using these tools effectively and, in many cases, hire and manage the staff required.

With CBA Digital Reach 360, digital fundraising success has become achievable without your organization learning all the ins and outs or making expensive human resource investments. Whether you are responsible for sweeping change at your station, expanding and monetizing fundraising channels, or balancing a full calendar of marketing messages, CBA Digital Reach 360 is a collaboration worthy of your attention.

Case Study: West Coast Public Media Station

Through our partnership, this large station funnels the goals and initiatives of six different departments to CBA. We then tailor a unique CBA Digital Reach 360 program to meet departmental needs and overall station objectives while staying within budget.

The station’s goals include promoting Passport, app downloads, vehicle, and real estate donations while fundraising to segments like individuals, sustainers, and major donors.

CBA’s custom strategy incorporated initiatives from several station departments and stakeholders using Google Ads. It yielded successful results across the board:

  • Raising over $100,000 in its year-end campaign with just a $2,316 investment
  • Driving 1,350 downloads of station-specific and PBS apps
  • Delivering 80,000 ad impressions educating potential high-dollar donors about the benefits of becoming a member
  • Generating 91,000 ad impressions and raising awareness of the station’s vehicle donation program

A wide-ranging digital-first strategy for this station has quickly become a growing and lucrative success, reaching a large audience and effectively driving results worthy of even more significant digital fundraising investment. Collaboration is vital, and CBA Digital Reach 360 has turned challenges into opportunities for this station.

Case Study: Northeast Public Media Station

When tasked with promoting local programs, podcasts, and newsletter signups, this large Northeast station utilized CBA Digital Reach 360 to manage social media and YouTube ad campaigns to great success:

  • Over 200,000 video views promoting local programs across a diverse audience 18-64 years old
  • Nearly 500,000 ad impressions for new podcasts, resulting in 11,000 views
  • Over 95,000 ad impressions promoting newsletter sign-up focused on an Antiques Roadshow ticket give-away, leading to 800 new newsletter subscribers

With CBA Digital Reach 360, it’s not enough to “say” that campaigns work; we can prove they work.

Our team ensures that digital campaigns are firing on all cylinders with sophisticated tracking in place so that we can deliver a treasure-trove of metrics: which ads (videos vs. promoted posts vs. display) performed the best, cost-per-click, audience demographics, and more. The proof is in the metrics. CBA Digital Reach 360 provides stations with regular, detailed reporting, highlighting winning strategies and showing how your organization’s budget should be allocated most productively.

Case Study: Southeast Public Media Station

Events are essential to connect with donors and raise much-needed funds. Organizing events requires a lot of planning and effort—ensuring they succeed is vital. This Southeast station turned to CBA Digital Reach 360 to promote its Whiskey Tasting event. Digital display ads and promotional YouTube videos led to impressive results and a successful event:

  • Close to 650,000 ad impressions, generating 1,100 clicks
  • Demographic metrics report over one-third of clicks from people ages 25-44, with nearly half from the top 20% of household incomes
  • Over $18,000 in additional fundraising revenue
  • Prospect file boosted by collecting email addresses from event attendees

The digital campaign above illustrates how, when executed correctly, stations can succeed in multiple ways: reaching a large digitally-savvy audience, converting people who engage with ads into event attendees, generating meaningful fundraising revenue, and feeding their prospect file and marketing funnel with qualified leads. The best part is that CBA Digital Reach 360 can make so much happen at a low cost-per-click.

CBA manages the overall digital strategy, creative development, and implementation, and we also carefully distribute the ad budget, ensuring optimal investment. It’s our goal to put your station’s dollars to work in the most efficient way possible.

Let’s explore what’s possible for your station in 2024

These are just a few of the many success stories that demonstrate the potential of digital fundraising in transforming public media stations when bolstered by CBA Digital Reach 360.

What else is possible when your station takes digital fundraising to the next level with CBA Digital Reach 360? Check back with us soon, as we will launch more exciting campaigns utilizing ads on Roku, YouTube, Google, and various social media platforms.

As the media landscape evolves, your station must harness the power of digital engagement, diversified revenue streams, and an expanded audience. Decision-makers, fundraisers, and marketing staff should collaborate and innovate, leveraging these strategies and the capabilities of CBA Digital Reach 360 to shape the future of media in the digital age.

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