Cutting-edge strategy, expert management, and technological know-how lead to fundraising success.

Calendar Year-End results are in for CBA Digital Reach 360

By Carl Bloom Associates, Inc.

In November 2022, CBA published the article, “It’s no longer ‘digital first’; it’s ‘digital or die,’” which explains the importance of having a cohesive yet flexible digital strategy to meet the needs and expectations of an increasingly savvy audience.

That article gave an overview of critical considerations for implementing a digital-first strategy. In this follow-up article, we dive into what everyone wants to know—how a well-managed CBA Digital Reach 360 digital advertising program can boost online engagement and yield a measurable return on investment. In other words, “show me the money!”

Year-End 2022 Results

Year-End campaigns are major money-makers for nonprofits, and CBA doesn’t leave anything on the table for its fundraising partners.

Since writing our previous article, we have gathered fundraising results from six CBA Digital Reach 360 clients. We’re pleased to report that from November 10th to January 10th, those six clients raised nearly $90,000 from an investment of just $16,000–all generating a positive return on their investment.

“We couldn’t be happier with how well the CBA Digital Reach 360 programs are working for the 40 nonprofits around the country that are on board with our ground-breaking digital service,” says Christina McPhillips, CBA’s VP of Business Development.

For example, one public media joint licensee spent $3,500 on calendar year-end ads and grossed $26,000. Another organization spent $3,200 and grossed $15,000. And a sizeable metropolitan library on the east coast spent $2,500 and grossed $24,000!

We’ve cracked the conversion code (literally)

Online campaigns are great for reaching an ever-expanding, connected audience. Still, if you can’t attribute a donation or other activity to a source, it’s nearly impossible to justify the budget necessary for these campaigns.

Conversations about digital advertising often lead to the conclusion: online tracking—web traffic, engagement, conversions, etc.—is difficult. Without the ability to track correctly, many organizations hesitate to run digital ads. It looks like they aren’t making money if they can’t prove it. CBA has come up with a solution.

“When CBA set out to develop CBA Digital Reach 360, we emphasized conversion tracking. We knew we had a great idea, but if we couldn’t back it up with conversion metrics, how could we expect our clients to be on board? So, we built a team of experts: delivering strategy, creativity, implementation, and the under-the-hood technical expertise necessary to build an end-to-end turn-key solution,” says Rob Bloom, CBA’s President.

One recent breakthrough CBA Digital Reach 360 strategy yielded over 700 new donors from an acquisition list. Sounds cool. Those new donors came from an audience of thousands of newly-engaged website visitors, which can be tapped into in the future.

More than just fundraising

A well-run digital advertising program most certainly includes fundraising but organizations can and should run ads to promote many other initiatives and, even sooner than that, raise awareness of the organization and its many benefits. Of all the ads CBA manages for its nonprofit clients, approximately a quarter are fundraising ads. The other ads encourage engagement and awareness of different programs and initiatives, which can lead to cultivating new donors.

The CBA Digital Reach 360 team has expertise in advertising strategy and tactics. It uses data to craft each campaign and annual plan to appeal to prospective donors, volunteers, event attendees, and audiences whose values and lifestyles align with your organization’s.

Imagine having a digital advertising solution geared towards the most important initiatives at your organization, custom-crafted to provide an ongoing, fully-managed program. A program that allows your staff to focus on their roles while the fundraising revenue rolls in and your audience continuously expands. Such a program eliminates the complexities of figuring out online advertising and wondering if your time and resources are spent wisely.

With the budget season approaching, now is the time to get serious about implementing a digital advertising plan to build online engagement and raise enough money to pay for the entire program and then some.

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